BBM Plus Latest Version For Android

What Is BBM Plus?

First hello to you in our website, BBM Plus is a similar version of BBM messenger have a lot of new features, Latest update of BBM Plus enables you to use the application better and easier and more privacy ,BBM Plus let’s you backup and restore the chats which is a great advantage over the stock BBM app. Another advantage of this version is to hide the read status “R” from the chats which is a real lifesaver for many users, You will find all additional features you are looking for, While maintaining the original appearance in BBM.

BBM Plus Features

BBM Plus has come with many of privacy features, Which provide comfort to the user, Where you can control everything in BBM like :

Lock : You can lock the application secret number and take photo when someone open the app.

Night mode : You can choose the night mode for the application to stop notifications.

Automated Message : You can send an automated message.

Restart : You can restart the application.

ADS : Hide ads from application.

More Privacy : Hide read message status.

Backup : You can copy and restore chats.

BBM Plus Themes

With BBM Plus you can customize the application theme as you like and you can change many things easily :

Top Bar : You can change top bar color.

Font : You can change font size and type.

Colorful : You can customize theme for you.

Background : You can change the background color.

Chat : You can choose style and color of chat.

Download BBM Plus :

Click on the button below to download latest version of BBM+ for Android devices

Download BBM Plus v3.3.7.93 For Android Devices

Version Name :
Version Code : 3081
File Size : 31 MB

How To Install BBM Plus On Android Device?

We will talk now about how to install a BBM Plus on your Android device easily, We’ve added steps in the explanation to make guide easier :

Step 1 : Download BBM Plus APK latest version to your Android device from the box above or from HERE.

Step 2 : Go to Android settings and click on Settings ➡ Security ➡ Unknown Sources.

Step 3 : Now, Install BBM Plus on your Android device, Which you was downloaded from above, You can find it in download folder.

Step 4 : Open BBM Plus, Enter your BBM account or create new one.

We finished, Enjoy with your new experience with BBM Plus.

Some FAQs About BBM Plus

So everyone here are some Important FAQs about latest version of BBM Plus, Some of the questions that we received recently, So you have added here to make this easier guide.

Q1) Is My Phone Will Be Safe if I Use BBM Plus?

A1) Yes, Don’t worry.

Q2) Is BBM Plus Available for iPhone?

A2) No, BBM Plus for iPhone devices is not available.

Q3) BBM Plus Is Crashing in My Android Device, What Should I Do?

A3) If BBM Plus is keep crashing in your device try reinstall it.

Q4) What Is the Difference Between BBM Plus and BBM?

A4) With BBM Plus you can hide read status “R”.

Q5) Do I Need to Uninstall BBM App to Use BBM Plus?

A5) No, You don’t need.

Q6) Can I Use 2 BBM Application (Account) on Same Device?

A6) No, You can’t use 2 BBM application (Account) on same Android device.

Q7) Can My Account Be Banned When I Use BBM Plus?

A7) No, BBM Plus anti ban.

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