WhatsApp HD Wallpapers

Add Amazing HD Wallpapers To Your WhatsApp Chats

Download WhatsApp HD Wallpapers v2.00 For Android Devices

Version Name : 2.00
Version Code : 2
File Size : 43 MB
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Description :

WhatsApp Wallpapers

WhatsApp HD Wallpapers is an application that allows you to choose between many backgrounds for your WhatsApp conversations, WhatsApp HD Wallpapers contains a variety of HD chat backgrounds like forests – cities – and more…

To change the wallpaper of any conversation, you just need to inside any conversation and hit the menu button, selecting ‘wallpaper’ and choosing the image that you want, Or you can go to WhatsApp Settings ➡ Chats ➡ Wallpaper ➡ Wallpaper Library.

WhatsApp HD Wallpapers is an excellent complement for users of WhatsApp, As it allows you to personalize your conversations with some very amazing backgrounds.

Requirements :

  • Android OS 4.0.3 or above.
  • Any WhatsApp Version Installed.
  • Unlimited internet data plan recommended.

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