How To Fix Temporarily Banned Problem In GBWhatsApp

Recently, WhatsApp has started to give a temporary ban for some GBWhatsApp users who use version 7.00 and older, But do not worry, a New version 7.35 has been released to fix this problem.

So we will give you some methods with tutorial videos to help you fix your WhatsApp account if you got banned and some tips to protect your GBWhatsApp from temporary ban in the future.

Before Start :

We recommend all GBWhatsApp users to move to WhatsApp Plus.

Because WhatsApp Plus has the same official WhatsApp package name “com.whatsapp” and have fewer problems and 99% can’t get a ban, Also 100% working with all stickers apps.

So if you want to learn how to move from GBWhatsApp to WhatsApp Plus “Click Here”

Method 1 (95% Working) :

If you got banned before or after install GBWhatsApp 7.10 or higher version, You need to follow this Instructions :

1- If you want to keep your chats, Wait for the ban to completely finished, After ban has done take a backup of your chats from (Settings > Chats > Backup Chats).

2- Uninstall Your WhatsApp Version.

3- Download and install GBWhatsApp v from “Here” and verify your number again.

4- If you still see “Temporarily Banned” wait for the ban to finished after that use you new GBWhatsApp freely.

5- Again If you still have “Temporarily Banned Problem” after doing all Instructions above, Install “Official WhatsApp” from “Here” and use it for 1 day, After that remove it and install GBWhatsApp again.

Finally, If you banned again after doing this solution, You need to follow “Method 2”.

Method 2 (99% Working):

If you still have “Temporarily Banned Problem” after doing all Instructions in “Method 1”, Please kindly follow this Instructions :

1- Go to “My Files” or “File Manager” App in your Android Device, If you don’t have App to manage your files, Download “File Manager” App From “Here”.

2- Open your “File Manager” App, Find “GBWhatsApp” folder, Rename the folder to “Deleted GBWhatsApp”

3- Uninstall Your GBWhatsApp Version.

4- Install “Official WhatsApp” and from “Here” and verify your number.

5- Go to (Settings > Account > Delete My Account) Write your number and click on “DELETE MY ACCOUNT”.

6- Uninstall “Official WhatsApp” from your device.

7- Download and install GBWhatsApp v from “Here” and verify your number again.

Finally, This solution works with 99% of users, But if you still banned after doing this solution, We recommend you to use “Official WhatsApp” For a few days and try to install GBWhatsApp again.

Tips To Avoid WhatsApp Ban :

1- Don’t send bulk or forward many messages at the same time.

2- Don’t use old GBWhatsApp versions (older than v7.10).

3- Don’t try to post status for more than 30 seconds.

4- Don’t apps that sending automated messages

5- Don’t use WhatsApp Bomber Apps, Or sending too many annoying messages to the same person.

6- Don’t send many messages to people who do not have your number.

7- Don’t add people to groups they do not want to be in it.

8- Keep your GBWhatsApp always updated by checking for the latest updates on GBWhatsApp Page.

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