GBWhatsApp FAQs – Most Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Many users are using this app and have many questions and need to know the answers, Our comprehensive section of GBWhatsApp Frequently Asked Questions below will provide them complete solution to all the doubts, Questions they might have.

Q) Can I Use GBWhatsApp Alongside WhatsApp on My Phone?

A) Yes, You can install and run both applications on a single device. So, if you are looking to run GBWhatsApp there is no obligation to delete the normal WhatsApp, unless you want to use only one app, The only catch is that you will need two different numbers to register on both the applications.

Q) Where Can I Find the Link to Download GBWhatsApp?

A) You can follow our Guide how to download and install GBWhatsApp.

Q) How to Install GBWhatsApp?

A) The installation process is simple just like you would install any other app on your device. First, enable unknown source installation capability from your device settings. Then, Go to the downloads folder and click on the APK file and proceed with the instructions to install the application. Then, Go to the device’s home screen and launch the application. Register using your contact number and proceed with the account setup, Also you can read the full guide from Here.

Q) My GBWhatsApp Messages Arrive After Opening the App or Very Late, How I Can Fix It?

A) Do not worry, We have many solutions to fix this problem, You can read it in this Page.

Q) How I Can Remove Duplicate Media & Unnecessary Data in GBWhatsApp?

A) You can use and install GBWhatsApp Cleaner to clean duplicate media and unnecessary data from this Page.

Q) How I Can Set Custom Notifications for My Favorite GBWhatsApp Contacts?

A) You can do that by follow the guide in this Page.

Q) Can I Add Sticker Packs to GBWhatsApp?

A) Yes, You can add amazing sticker packs by install GBStickers App from this Page.

Q) Can I Create My Own Stickers on GBWhatsApp?

A) Yes, You can create your stickers packs by install GBStickers Maker App from this Page.

Q) How GBWhatsApp Is Different Than Other Versions Like OGWhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus?

A) No, There aren’t any differences between these different versions, apart from a little bit of tweaks and functional capabilities.

Q) Is It Safe to Use GBWhatsApp on My Android?

A) As the GBWhatsApp has been created by modifying the style sheet information of WhatsApp APK and uses the same server, GBWhatsApp is completely safe to use.

Q) Can Anyone Hack My GBWhatsApp Account?

A) No. As GBWhatsApp runs on the genuine server of WhatsApp, It provides complete chat encryption capability, Therefore limiting any hack possibility from a third person.

Q) Can I Customize My GBWhatsApp Account With Different Themes?

A) GBWhatsApp has a dedicated Theme Store that offers you a plenty of options to pick free themes from and personalize your account as you like. You can remove and change the themes any number of times.

Q) How to Restore WhatsApp Chats to GBWhatsApp if I Am Using Only One App?

A) To do this, You need to take the backup of the WhatsApp to your Google account and then delete the normal WhatsApp application. Now, When you are setting-up GBWhatsApp, It will ask for restoration. Proceed with this and restore the chat from the Google account.

Q) How to Restore the GBWhatsApp Chats to the Normal WhatsApp?

A) If you are shifting back to the normal WhatsApp application, Then after installing the WhatsApp application go to the File Manager > GBWhatsApp folder. Copy the Media and Database Folder and paste it into the WhatsApp folder in the File Manager. Now, Launch the WhatsApp application and register using the number you used with GBWhatsApp and proceed with restore option when the app prompts.

Q) How to Read Message Someone Has Sent and Deleted on GBWhatsApp?

A) You can do this using the Anti-Revoke feature in GBWhatsApp privacy settings.

Q) How Often the Update Comes for GBWhatsApp?

A) GBWhatsApp application is updated once every month by the developers, Which helps in fixing the bugs and improving the interface, Functionality and with addition of new features.

Q) Is GBWhatsApp Available for iPhone?

A) No, This app is available for Android users only at present.

Q) Can Chats Be Secured With a Password on GBWhatsApp?

A) Yes, GBWhatsApp provides you functionality to password-protect app and chats.

Q) What Is the Device Requirement to Run GBWhatsApp?

A) An Android smartphone running version 4.0 or above, Internet connectivity and a working phone number.

Q) What to Do When the Application Shows “unfortunately, GBWhatsApp Has Stopped Working”?

A) Simply uninstall the application and download and install the latest version by visiting this Page.

Q) Will I Be Banned if I Use GBWhatsApp?

A) GBWhatsApp has an anti-ban feature.

With these FAQs section, Most of your queries will be answered and you won’t feel worried about using GBWhatsApp, To read more about GBWhatsApp you can visit this Page.

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