How To Get More Followers On Instagram – 10 Tips That Work

Not only Instagram is a place that gets you share your photos and let others know what’s happening in your life, it has become a serious content marketing and brand campaigning platform in recent times. From selling to audience building to networking and more, Instagram can do so much for you.

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Therefore, it becomes inevitable that the more followers you have the better is your influence and campaign effect. With about 60 million images being shared each day on Instagram and over 200 million active users per month, you will really benefit a lot when the world is following you. But more often than not people are unsure how to build their follower base. Well, we hereby, provide you with compelling 10 tips that are sure to help you generate more and real followers :

Have a Clear Strategy

The first and foremost thing is to have a strong and clear business strategy. Determine your area of expertise, branding goals and aesthetics, target audience and have a unique story to tell that makes people like your posts.

Share Rich Content

Strong and rich content only will help you make followers see you as worthy and follow-able. Instead of random images, it is better to have a story line or meaning attached to them. Content that informs, engages and entertains users is a must-have-policy.

Make Full and Creative Use of Hashtags

Hashtags are definitely a powerful branding tool. Caption your posts with more than one word hashtags. Make sure you use hashtags in single and multi-words, and in numerous numbers within your caption. Make them sound gripping whilst being relatable to your content story. Cross-promote the hashtags on your other social media channels as well, in your email campaigns and on your website.

Engage in Popular Discussions

To make sure people know about you, you need to be loud and noisy. Get engaged in popular conversations and make use of hashtags effectively while posting relevant and worthy comments and posts there.

Focus on Instagram Stories

Popular celebrities and brands on Instagram know the worth of Instagram Stories feature, and it is high time you must also. It is a perfect platform to introduce your brand, product or service and let potential followers know about you.

Use Other Digital Products to Promote Your Instagram Account

When you send emails or posters, remember to share your Instagram account in that. While engaging on other social media channels like Facebook and so, promote your Instagram presence whilst being relatable to the discussion or the topic in question.

Follow Other Relevant Users

An effective way to grow your presence is being more active in the community and in connection with the like-minded users. When you follow them and engage in their posts, you grow your chances of being seen by other users who are potential followers.

Post Regularly

Being active more is what will get in the picture and in front of the potential followers. So, make sure to post regularly. A post on a daily basis is the right strategy. And if it is possible include location that makes the content more discoverable.

Have a Strong Bio

Having a great bio is one strong asset that will make your profile influential. Make sure to write strongly about you or your brand and have a strategy to change your bio on a weekly or bi-weekly basis that takes the audiences to your new or popular content.

Make Use of Live Video

Promote your events, special happenings, Q&A’s or other promotions through live video feed that helps your content get discovered more and it will feel more engaging in front of the users.

Following these 10 tips are surely going to help you become more active and in front of potential followers that will help generate more followers.