Instagram+ FAQs – Most Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

With a range of advanced and amazing features offered by Instagram Plus you would be tempted to install this app, But there are varied questions you could face when using the app, Our FAQs section on Instagram Plus is intended to help answer your queries and enhance your overall experience :

Q) Is Instagram Plus Safe to Use?

A) Yes, Instagram Plus fully safe to use on your device.

Q) Can I Run Instagram Plus on iPhone?

A) No, Instagram Plus is only available for Android version but not for iOS so you can’t have it on your iPhone.

Q) Can I Use Instagram Plus Alongside Instagram App on My Device?

A) No, You will need to uninstall Instagram version to download and install Instagram Plus on your device.

Q) What Is the Requirement for Installing and Running Instagram Plus?

A) You need to have Android version 4.0 or above on your device to use Instagram Plus along with internet connectivity.

Q) How Can I Download Instagram Plus on My Android Device?

A) You can download the latest version APK file by following our guide Download And Install Instagram Plus.

Q) How to Install Instagram Plus on Android?

A) To install Instagram Plus open the downloads folder in your device where you will find the APK file. Tap on the file to install, And it will proceed to get installed like any other application on your device.

Q) Can I Download Photos and Videos in Instagram Plus?

A) Yes, Instagram Plus allows feature to download anything that you want.

Q) What if I Want to Zoom in Someone’s Photo?

A) This is one of the most appreciated features of Instagram Plus, You can simply zoom in on any photo by simply double-tapping on it, You can also move the photo around by using your fingers to slide that.

Q) What Features Are Provided by Instagram Plus?

A) Download images and videos easily to your device storage, View full size of profile picture, Follow Indicator feature to help you know who is following you in their page, Video player capable of staring videos with sound, Share URL directly for photos and, And much more…

Q) What Is the Difference Between Instagram Plus and OGInsta?

A) There is no major difference between these two apps in terms of interface and features, Only that you can use OGInsta on your device without uninstalling Instagram app.

Q) Can I Fear About Getting Banned From Instagram if I Use Instagram Plus?

A) No, Instagram Plus is ant-ban, So don’t have to worry at all about getting banned.

Q) Can I Use Multiple Instagram Plus Applications on My Device?

A) Yes, Either you can use 2 Instagram Plus apps with OGInsta.

Q) Can I Log in Using Facebook Account?

A) Yes, This facility is unavailable also you can login through your username and password.

Q) What if I Want the Instagram Plus Videos to Play With Sound?

A) You can enable this feature by turning on the sound of the videos by default. This way, Whenever you come across a video it will play with sound.

Q) How Many Languages Are Supported by Instagram Plus?

A) 32 languages are supported by Instagram Plus at present.

Q) Can I Delete Instagram Plus and Get Back to Instagram if I Want to?

A) Yes, Whenever you want to go back to using normal version of Instagram, You can simply uninstall and delete Instagram Plus and then install Instagram.

Q) How Do I Update Instagram Plus?

A) You can update it from our Instagram+ Page, Or by clicking on update button from the settings inside the app.

With these FAQs, We hope Most of your queries has been answered, To read more about Instagram Plus you can visit this Page.