How To Move From GBWhatsApp To WhatsApp Plus

Hello, We will tell you in this page how to move from GBWhatsApp to WhatsApp Plus without losing your chats and data.

Check if Your Device Able to Move :

Before removing your GBWhatsApp, you need to check if you can install WhatsApp Plus on your android device, So follow these steps below :

1- Go to your Mobile Settings.

2- Click on Apps.

3- Find WhatsApp (If you can’t find “Official WhatsApp” on your phone, congratulations !! You can install WhatsApp Plus without any problem).

4- Click on Uninstall (If you see only “Disable” unfortunately that’s mean you can’t install WhatsApp Plus).

Finally, If you successfully uninstalled “Official WhatsApp” or didn’t find it installed on your mobile, You can go to the next steps.

How To Move From GBWhatsApp To WhatsApp+ Without Losing Your Chats?

Now, After you have checked your device ability to install WhatsApp Plus, Follow these steps below :

1- Open your GBWhatsApp.

2- Take Backup of your Chats from (Settings > Chats > Backup Chats).

3- Uninstall your GBWhatsApp from your device.

4- Go to “My Files” or “File Manager” App in your Android Device, If you don’t have App to manage your files, Download “File Manager” App From “Here”.

2- Open your “File Manager” App, Find “GBWhatsApp” folder, Rename the folder to “WhatsApp”

4- Download and install WhatsApp Plus from “Here”.

5- Open your Mobile Settings > Click on Apps >  Click on Blue WhatsApp.

6- Scrol down and click on Permissions.

7- Enable all avalible Permissions.

8- Now open WhatsApp Plus and verify your number.

9- After verifying your number you will see screen contain restore chats backup, Click on green restore button.

Congratulations, Installation completed If you have trouble following the steps, Please watch the video below.

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