OGInsta Latest Version For Android Devices

What Is OGInsta?

First hello to you in our website, OGInsta is a similar version for Instagram have many new features, With OGInsta you can download photo and video and story from Instagram, And use 2 Instagram Application (Account) On Same Android Device.

instagram account

And easily see if someone is following you, And Auto start videos with sound, And We will always keep this page updated, So here you will find latest updated & news & FAQs.

OGInsta Features

OGInsta has come with many of new features, Your friends may be surprised when you can download everything from Instagram, You will find the additional features you are looking for, While maintaining the original appearance in Instagram, Which provide comfort to you, Where you can control everything in Instagram like :

oginsta download

Two Instagram App : You can use 2 Instagram Plus application (Account) on same android device because OGInsta come with different package name.

Facebook Login : You can login to Instagram plus with your Facebook account.

Download Photos : You can download any image you want from Instagram easily.

Download Videos : You can download any video you want from Instagram in one click.

Download Story : You can download any story you want from stories bar in one click.

Follow Indicator : You can see if someone is following you in his page.

Profile Pictures : You can view full profile picture size in “Long Click”.

Video Player : Auto start videos with sound.

Share : Direct share URL to any app (WhatsApp).

BIO : You can copy Bio of any Instagram user.

Languages : OGInsta Plus supports many new languages not exist in Instagram (Arabic).

Download OGInsta:

Click on the button below to download latest version of OGInsta for android devices

Download OGInsta v10.14.0 For Android Devices

Version Name : 10.14.0
Version Code : 53676094
File Size : 26 MB

How To Install OGInsta On Android Device?

We will talk now about how to install a OGInsta Plus on your phone without losing chats easily, We’ve added some screenshots in the explanation of the steps to make guide easier , we’ve added video in the last of explanation :

oginsta login

Step 1 : Download OGInsta Plus APK to your android smartphone or tablet from the box above or from HERE.

Step 2 :  Go to android settings and click on Settings ➡ Security ➡ Unknown Sources

Step 3 : Now, Install OGInsta Plus on your Android device, Which you was downloaded from above, You can find it in download folder

Step 4 : Open OGInsta Plus, And enter your Instagram account or create new one.

We finished, Enjoy to use the amazing features of OGInsta without any fear to stops updates, Or any damage to your phone because OGInsta is 100% safe for android.

Some FAQs About OGInsta

So everyone here are some of the most frequently asked questions and answers about latest OGInsta version, Some of the questions that we received recently, So you have added here to make this easier guide.

OGInsta FAQs

Q1) Is My Phone Will Be Safe if I Use OGInsta on My Android Device?

A1) Yes, Don’t worry it’s totally safe for all android devices.

Q2) Can I Login With My Facebook Account?

A2) Yes, You can do that in latest version.

Q3) Is OGInsta for Available iPhone Devices?

A3) Unfortunately, OGInsta is not available for iPhone devices.

Q4) Can i use 2 OGInsta Application (Account) On Same Android Device?

A4) Yes, You Can use 2 OGInsta Plus application (Account) on same android Device with Instagram Plus.

Q5) What Is the Difference Between Instagram Plus and OGInsta?

A5) There is no difference between Instagram Plus and OGInsta.

Q6) Do I Need to Uninstall Normal Instagram to Use OGInsta?

A6) No, You Don’t need uninstall any application.

Q7) Can I Download Photos and Videos on OGInsta?

A7) Yes, Of-Course you can.

Q8) Can My Account Be Banned by Instagram When I Use OGInsta?

A8) No, OGInsta Plus anti ban.

These are the 10 most frequently asked questions about OGInsta, If you would like to see more questions, You can visit our OGInsta FAQs Page.