How To Download & Install OGStickers Packs

What Is OGWhatsApp?

OGWhatsApp is a similar version of WhatsApp, Which provides same capability and functionality as the messenger application, What makes it better is the availability of a wide range of privacy, Media and file sharing and customization features that makes using WhatsApp more fun and improved.


You can use OGWhatsApp alongside WhatsApp, as well as with some other WhatsApp version, With this app, You can use up to 3 different WhatsApp accounts on a single device. You can follow this Guide to install OGWhatsApp on your Android device.

What Is OGStickers App?

There are tons of advanced and enhanced features one can make use of in OGWhatsApp which makes using your WhatsApp account an enhanced experience with personalization and privacy features. But there is always room for more. For users who always want to explore more for a fun-filled and animated conversation, OGStickers hereby brings a complete resource of unique stickers to be used on OGWhatsApp.

OGStickers Packs

With OGStickers, you can access over 3500 stickers in more than 80 categories, These stickers are easy to add to your WhatsApp application and can be easily inserted in the conversations, The OGStickers app is completely free to download and install on your Android device (compatible with all types of Android smartphones and tablets), With the range of categories you get in WAStickers for OGWhatsApp, including cartoons, Pet animals, Celebrities, TV characters, And much more, No matter what type of conversation you are engaged in, You will certainly be able to find full library of stickers fitting to insert in your conversations.

Download OGStickers :

Click on the button below to download latest version of OGStickers for Android devices

Note !! If You Have a Problem When You Are Trying To Add Stickers, Install OGWhatsApp Again, No Need To Uninstall It !! Just Download It And Install It Again.

Download OGStickers v1.40 For Android Devices

Version Name : 1.40
Version Code : 40
File Size : 73 MB

How to Install OGStickers for OGWhatsApp?

Before proceeding with downloading and installation of OGStickers, Make sure that you have OGWhatsApp installed on your device, Follow the guideline below to know how to download and install OGStickers :

OGStickers for OGWhatsApp

Step 1 : Click on the download button from the box above or from Here.

Step 2 : Now install the application file by going to your device’s download folder and clicking the APK file.

Step 3 : Go to your device home screen where you will find the installed OGStickers app, Tap on it to open the app.

Step 4 : Once you enter the app, You will be presented with a range of stickers packs displayed in particular sets of their category.

Step 5 : Decide which stickers category you want to add/import to your OGWhatsApp account. Click on the  icon to the right side of the category. Then, When the app asks for your permission to add the stickers click on ‘ADD’ and you are done.

How to Use Stickers on OGWhatsApp?

To insert Stickers for OGWhatsApp in your conversation, Open OGWhatsApp application and start chatting with any friend or family person you want to, Now, open the emoticons where you will see three different icons.

Stickers on OGWhatsApp

The icon on the right denotes stickers, Click on it and pick any sticker that you want to insert in the chat.

OGStickers – Compatible With OGWhatsApp Only!

An important aspect of OGStickers is that this app works only with OGWhatsApp. If you want to use stickers on GBWhatsApp, then download and install GBStickers app, And if you want to add stickers to WhatsApp Plus then download and install Stickers Plus.

Important Note to Remember

When you add several Stickers Packs for OGWhatsApp, Then it will take several minutes for the stickers to load when you are inserting them during your conversation.

Some FAQs About OGStickers for OGWhatsApp

 OGStickers FAQs

Q1) Is OGStickers free to use?

A1) Yes, You can download, Install and use OGStickers complete free of any charge on your Android device.

Q2) How many stickers can I add with OGStickers?

A2) Over 3500 stickers in more than 80 different categories.

Q3) Can I download OGStickers on iPhone?

A3) No, as OGWhatsApp is available for Android only, You can use OGStickers with OGWhatsApp only on an Android device.

Q4) Is OGStickers a safe application?

A4) Yes, OGStickers is completely safe and secured.

Q5) Can I use OGStickers with WhatsApp?

A5) No, this app can be used only with OGWhatsApp application.

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