Best YT Application Mod To Watch and Download YT videos

What Is OGYouTube ?

First hello to you in our website “www.official-plus.com”, OGYouTube is a similar version for YouTube App have many new features, OGYouTube is one of the best applications to run and dawnload YouTube videos on Android device, you can watch YouTube videos in background and when screen lock , and you can download all video quality from YouTube , and you can dawnload video as mp3, and we always give you in “official-plus” new updates for OGYouTube , so enjoy to use the amazing features of OGYouTube without any fear to stops updates, or any damage to your phone because OGYouTube is 100% safe for android.

OGYouTube Features

OGYouTube latest version have a lots of great features non-existent in official YouTube app for android , enables you to download videos from YouTube easily , and you can download all video quality to your device and share it with your friends, and you can listen to video in the background, and when you close the screen, and you can also download the video as mp3, OGYouTube have more speed than official youtube app,and it is compatible with all android  mobile and tablet devices .

Download OGYouTube APK V4.2 – 12.43.52 Latest Version

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OGYouTube V4.2 Changelog

OGYouTube Changelog Version 4.2 – 08/11/2017

  • Updated to base 12.43.52 (1243523400)
  • Android Marshmallow is now supported
  • Fix download issues with some videos
  • Other bug fixes and improvements
  • Easily rewind or skip forwards 10 seconds by double-tapping on the left and right sides of the video player.
  • Other Fixes
Download MicroG For OGYouTube V2.0 Latest Version

Updated in 08/11/2017 v2.0

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OGYouTube Downloader

Video Download : With OGYouTube you can download any video you want ,and any quality to your device in one click

Download All Quality : You can download all video quality 144p , 240p , 360p , 480p , 720p , 1080p , 2k , 4k

Audio Only Downloading : You can download all video as MP3  “audio only”

Download Speed : You can download the video at high speed from OGYouTube

Download Format : You can download all video Format MP4 , FLV , 3GP

Multiple Video Downloading : You can also download multiple videos from YT in the same time

OGYouTube Video Player

Play Video in Any Resolution : you can play 140p to 1440p videos on your Android Device using OGYouTube app, another great feature of OGYouTube .

Background Playing : One of the best features of OGYouTube , to use your device freely , you can play videos in the background , so no need to stay on the app until the video finishes, you can run videos in the background if you want to run any other app at the same time.

How To Install OGYouTube On Android Device ?

After completion download OGYouTube on your android device, we will talk now about how to install a OGYouTube on your deviceeasily, we’ve added some screenshots in the explanation of steps to make guide easier , we’ve added video in the last of explanation

Step 1 : First, you must download microG for OGYouTube apk on your android device , to use OGYouTube without problems you can download from above or from HERE

Step 2 : Go to android settings and click on Settings — Security — Unknown Sources

Step 3 : Now, install microG for OGYouTube  on your Android device, which you was downloaded from above, you can find it in download folder

Step 4 : Now, install OGYouTube  on your Android device, which you was downloaded from above, you can find it in download folder

Step 5 : Open OGYouTube If it Asks for Update your OGYouTube app, then simply click on Later button, and you are Done, Now Enjoy OGYouTube app on your Device.

We finished, enjoy with your new  experience with OGYouTube

Some Faq About OGYouTube

So everyone here are some Important Faq about latest OGYouTube 2018 version apk, Some of the questions that we received recently, so you have added here to make this easier guide.

Q1) Is My Phone Will be safe if I Use OGYouTube apk?

A1) Yes, Don’t worry

Q2) Is It’s Better than Official YouTube App?

A2) Yes, OGYouTube is better than Official YouTube App

Q3) Is OGYouTube for iPhone available?

A3) No, OGYouTube for iPhone devices is not available

Q4) Videos are not working in Background With OGYouTube app ?

A4)  If videos are not working in Background, then Open OGYouTube app, click On Settings – Downloads, and Tick on “Enable Screen-off Playback” and “Enable Background Playback“. Also, Some Devices Don’t Support in Play Background. But in Maximum Devices, It will work

Q5) Is OGYouTube App Supports ATR ?

A5) Yes, OGYouTube Supports ATR , on all android version

Q6) OGYouTube  Is Crashing in My Android Device , What Should I Do?

A6) If OGYouTube Is Keep Crashing in your Device, then you can try some other version of the app

Q7) What is the different between OGYouTube and YouTube  ?

A7) With OGYouTube you can download videos from YouTube , and play videos in Background

Q8) Do I need to Uninstall  Official YouTube App to use OGYouTube ?

A8) No, You don’t need

Q9) I am not able to Sign in Into my Account , What Should I Do?

A9) If you are using this app Without Xposed Module, then Sign in Feature will not work, the developer is Still working on it

Q10) When i try to download music it gives me an error, what can i do ?

A10) Reboot your android device

Q11) Can my account be banned by YouTube when i use OGYouTube ?

A11) No, OGYouTube anti ban