How To Repost On Instagram – Easy Steps To Reshare

One of the great benefits of social media is that you are presented with a lot of informative, shareable content. When you like something and want to pass it to your followers then what you do? Simply share it on your feed.

instagram feed

On twitter you can retweet, on Facebook you can share the post. And on Instagram? Well, here comes the mystery. We all love Instagram and its clean, simple interface to focus and admire the beautiful images and captivating videos posted by users. But what is suspiciously missing from Instagram as yet is not having an in-built official feature to share someone’s post.

How can we then repost on Instagram?

Every problem has a solution, and so does this. There are multiple ways you can use to repost on Instagram and which have helped brands and individuals in their marketing and reach strategy.

repost on Instagram

Simply re-posting something that you like takes your branding level to the next level. It helps you bring some informative and beautiful and shareable content to your follower’s notice and allows you to avoid creating something new to keep your feed going on. If there is something that is relevant to the company’s channel or specific to an individual’s theme, it helps them to reinforce their branding, gain a bigger ground and following.

Before You Repost – Obtain User’s Permission

As reposting is not a feature provided by Instagram and in accordance to its Terms of Use, you need to obtain written permission from the user of the post you want to reproduce.

Obtain User’s Permission to repost

You can do this by reaching out to them through Direct Message in Instagram or by commenting in the image for permission. Once you get go-ahead from them, you are good to go to repost the content.

How to Repost on Instagram – 2 Key Steps to Follow

Even with having no official feature to repost, doing this is easy as we detail in this post.

1- Using External App

The first way for reposting is to use an external app, Like Repost for Instagram, InstaRepost, DownloadGram.

repost for instagram app

Here, we are going to guide you using Repost for Instagram (the most popular app for reposting on Instagram):

  • Download and Install Repost for Instagram

Whether you are using Android or iOS device, this app is compatible for both OS. Go to the related app store, download and then install the app like you do with any other app.

  • Go to the Post on Your Instagram That You Want to Repost

Search for the post either going to the original poster’s gallery or using hashtag feature or so.

  • Copy the URL

Once you have opened the photo or video, tap on the three-dot icon on upper right-corner, and then tap on ‘Copy Share URL’. This will copy the URL to the clipboard.

  • Go to Repost for Instagram

Now open Repost for Instagram app on your device. By default (as the this app is integrated with the Instagram application during installation), the post copied to the clipboard will be present on the app’s homepage. Here you can decide how the report appears on your Instagram feed, editing it by clicking on the arrow, on the right side.

  • Put Caption

By tapping on the ‘Next’ option, you will move to reposting step. Here, you can include the post’s original caption pressing ‘Paste’ on the caption field. This caption will appear crediting the original poster through a citation.

  • Share the Post

Now repost, tapping on ‘Share’ and you could see the post appearing on your Instagram profile.

Similarly, when you are using other external apps, you can do reposting easily, following the specific steps for the particular app.

2- Through Manual Process (Taking Screenshot)

When you don’t want to install another app on your device because of storage issues or else, you can always take the manual route for reposting.

instagram screenshot

Remember this method works only for reposting image. If you want to share a video content, then it you have to follow the first step.

  • Take Screenshot

Use Home and Power button on your iOS device and Power and Volume Down Button on your Android device to capture the image.

  • Edit and Filter the Photo

You can add the post to your Instagram account using the new post button on the bottom center of your Instagram profile. Make sure to crop the sides of the image before you post (as screenshot option captures everything on the device and not just the post). Filter it according to your requirements.

  • Add Credit and Post

Make sure to credit the original poster of the content by adding “@ + [username]” and the ‘Share’ to post it to your Instagram profile.

So, by following these steps you can easily repost any content you like from a user’s Instagram feed and have it available for your followers to view.