How To Use Dual WhatsApp Accounts On Same Android Device

What is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is the most popular free messaging and calling application used across the globe. And the most leveraged platform for this application is Android. You can not only make free calls and send free text messages to any one of your contacts on WhatsApp for free (you will incur mobile data charges if not using Wi-Fi), you can also send images, videos and documents. This social platform is owned and managed by the tech giant, Facebook.


WhatsApp have a lot of amazing features, Send text messages, and images and documents of any type, Make free voice and video calls, End-to-end encryption for high-end privacy, Stories feature, Share location, contacts and much more, Create large groups.

Dual WhatsApp Applications

With so many features on offering, there is no doubt that for many people a single version of WhatsApp might not be complete to fulfill their communication needs, whether they want to keep their personal and professional communication separate or for other reasons. And having a second phone just to run WhatsApp makes no sense and will prove expensive and a hassle of task.

Dual WhatsApp Applications

There can be many reasons you want to use Dual WhatsApp accounts for :

  • Have separate personal and professional communication, managing them easily.
  • To keep away people who might disturb you.
  • To use for any other reason, specifically as per your use and preference.

How to Use Dual WhatsApp Applications on Android?

Here, we will provide you with 2 different ways you can make use of dual accounts of WhatsApp on your Android device :

1- Use Similar WhatsApp Version

The first and foremost method is to use a other version of official WhatsApp, so that you keep your WhatsApp account and have another one with the mod version, running simultaneously on your Android device. There are several WhatsApp mod versions you can try for this, like GBWhatsApp, OGWhatsApp, WhatsApp+ and more. Out of these, the most popular and used is the GBWhatsApp application.

Features of these versions :

  • Use dual WhatsApp on your device.
  • Compatible with all the Android versions, above 2.3.
  • Provides the same user interface as official WhatsApp.
  • Create lengthy status.
  • Send more than 10 photos at a time to any contact.
  • Send large video files.
  • Customize the application pertaining to icons, blue ticks, double ticks, hide and view status feature and much more.
  • Images and videos you send are not compressed, retaining their original quality.
  • Customize the interface using a new collection of themes.
  • And much more features

Download and Install GBWhatsApp Version :

Here, we will illustrate through how you can download and install GBWhatsApp on your Android device, For other mod versions you can follow the similar procedure.

  • Download the GBWhatsApp APK file by following This Guideline. You can also download the latest GBWhatsApp APK file by clicking on the below button:
  • After downloading the app, open your device’s home screen and launch the application.
  • Click on Agree and Continue
  • Enter your second number and follow up by submitting the OTP to verify the number and create the account.
  • Pick your user name and display picture.
  • Click on Done, and you are good to go now to enjoy dual WhatsApp accounts on your device.

2- Use Parallel Space

The second way is to use Parallel Space, which is a container technology for the Android. You can find this application on Google Play Store and it is the only application that enables users to run two accounts on a single device. You won’t be required to have root privileges but will need to go through a range of app permissions, but you need not worry as this is fully safe and secure.

  • Download Parallel Space app from the Google Play Store.
  • Install it like any other application.
  • Go to the device’s home screen and launch the app.
  • Proceed through the set-up, allowing all the permissions.
  • After this open the app and you will see a long list of application inside that are installed in your device.
  • Select WhatsApp which you want to make a clone for.
  • Now, create the second WhatsApp account on the clone app and you are ready to use dual accounts.

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