WhatsApp+ FAQs – Most Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

While you be excited about hearing about what you can do with WhatsApp Plus that is more engaging and enriching than the WhatsApp version, You would be looking for answers about from where to install and use the application, Is it safe to use and much more, Our WhatsApp Plus FAQs section below hopes to solve all your queries:

Q) How to Download WhatsApp Plus?

A) You can download the WhatsApp Plus latest version APK Through This Guide.

Q) How Do I Install WhatsApp Plus on My Device?

A) After you have downloaded the APK file, Go to your device’s downloads folder and click on the APK file to install it on your device, The installation is a simple process and similar to how you install any other app.

Q) Is WhatsApp Plus Safe to Use?

A) Yes, as it is created on the same platform as WhatsApp with few features, It is completely safe to use.

Q) My WhatsApp Plus Messages Arrive Late or After Opening the App, How I Can Fix It?

A) Do not worry, We have many solutions to fix this problem, You can read it in this Page.

Q) How I Can Remove Duplicate Media & Unnecessary Data in WhatsApp Plus?

A) You can use and install WhatsApp Cleaner to clean duplicate media and unnecessary data from this Page.

Q) How I Can Set Custom Notifications for My Favorite WhatsApp Contacts?

A) You can do that by follow the instruction in this Page.

Q) Can I Add Sticker Packs to WhatsApp Plus?

A) Yes, You can add amazing sticker packs by install Stickers Plus App from this Page.

Q) Can I Create My Own Stickers on WhatsApp Plus?

A) Yes, You can create your stickers packs by install Stickers Maker+ App from this Page.

Q) Is ‘Root’ Required to Use Full WhatsApp Plus Features?

A) No, You do not require ‘Root’ to use and install WhatsApp Plus.

Q) Will I Be Banned if I Use WhatsApp Plus?

A) No, This app comes with anti-ban feature, So there is no worry of getting banned.

Q) Can I Download WhatsApp Plus on iOS?

A) No, This app is available only for the Android.

Q) Which Android Version Do I Need to Run WhatsApp Plus?

A) You need to have Android 4.0 or above in your device to run WhatsApp Plus.

Q) How Do I Update WhatsApp Plus?

A) Keep checking our site for the latest version with this link to download and upgrade your WhatsApp Plus.

Q) What Features Are Offered by WhatsApp Plus?

A) Personalize and customize your WhatsApp account profile with a number of new cool themes, Hide blue tick, Second tick and ‘Typing’ for contacts, Hide ‘Recording’ , Hide blue microphone, And much more.. To See full features list visit this Page.

Q) How Do I Restore My Chats From Normal WhatsApp Version to WhatsApp Plus?

A) Open your normal WhatsApp version, Go to ➡ Settings ➡ Chat Backup ➡ Back up Now. This will create a backup of your chat to your local storage, Now uninstall WhatsApp and when you register on WhatsApp Plus it will prompt to restore chats, Now you can click on that and restore your chats from your local storage.

Q) Will I Have to Uninstall WhatsApp to Install and Run WhatsApp Plus?

A) As both applications have the same package name, You can run only one application on a single device.

Q) Is WhatsApp Plus Different Than OG WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp?

A) No, apart from a few, minute things all these are similar versions of WhatsApp and have the same basic functionality and additions of features relative to WhatsApp.

Q) Can I Run Multiple WhatsApp Plus Application on a Single Device?

A) Yes, You can run two or three WhatsApp Application on your device but you will need to verify each application using different contact numbers.

Q) Can I Secure a Specific Chat or the Whole WhatsApp Plus Profile With Password Protection?

A) Yes, You can password-protect any single chat or the complete WhatsApp Plus profile easily.

Q) How Can I Use WhatsApp Plus if I Am Not Being Able to Uninstall WhatsApp?

A) You do not have to worry at all, as you can install and run another version, GBWhatsApp on your device along with WhatsApp.

Q) Can I freeze ‘Last Seen’ on WhatsApp Plus?

A) Yes, WhatsApp Plus provides the feature to freeze your ‘Last Seen’ on the application.

Q) Is WhatsApp Plus APK File Heavy in Size?

A) No, WhatsApp Plus APK file is not heavy and can be easily downloaded and installed if you have small storage space on your device.

Q) What if I Want to Move Back to Normal WhatsApp?

A) Yes, you can uninstall WhatsApp Plus then install WhatsApp.

With these FAQs, We hope Most of your queries has been answered, To read more about WhatsApp Plus you can visit this Page.

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